Eden Weimaraners presents Olivia & Horatio puppies

This blog will follow Olivia, CH Eden N Nimble's Maine Attraction JH, NSD, NRD, V through her pregancy and birth of her litter of puppies with Ch Eden's Horatio, Horatio or Mr. H. as he is also called. Please come back often for updates and lots of photos!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Turquoise boy nursing

What a fun and busy day we had! My friends Lani and Marcie came over and we played with the babies for over 6 hours. Lani has been coming to see the puppies almost daily since they were born but this was the first time Marcie got to see them. Olivia was just fine letting Marcie in the baby room with them. I think Marcie had a good time, she got peed on by a puppy! How fun is that!

I don't really have to bottle feed the babies but I had some formula on hand in case I needed it and since it is fun to do, I thought I would try to give Olivia a break by giving them a bottle once in awhile. Before today Turquoise by was the only one that liked to bottle feed. He goes crazy for it! Today though I had Daphane and one other puppy, I think it was Blue boy go absolutely crazy for the bottle. It is really fun to feed them.

I have noticed for the first time that the babies are really starting to notice things around them. I added a few toys to the whelping box and I saw Daphane start to try to play with one of her siblings. It is really fun and interesting to watch them change daily. I am sure by next week this time, they will all be playing a lot.
They are starting to vocalize more with little barks and growls. It is very cute!

I think we got some good photos, I need to go through them all. I received a few calls today and will return them tomorrow guys.
Thanks Lani and Marcie for coming over and helping with the babies! They love all their "aunties"!

Candy nursing


I have nothing planned all weekend other then playing with babies and taking the big dogs out for some exercise. I hope to get some good photos!

The last few nights Olivia has let me take one puppy from the whelping box and bring them into the bedroom and spend some one on one time with them and the other dogs on the bed. This morning she let me take Candy. ALL the dogs are laying on the bed and Candy is nursing away. I want her to stop so I can cuddle with her! I want to teach them how wonderful the bed is and how to get under the covers before they go to their new homes :)).
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Friday, July 30, 2010

My 3 girls...

Just going through some older photos on the computer. I love my three girls. Can you tell who is who?
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I think this is my Candy girl! Taken a few days ago.
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Green baby...

Not much to report today. It was the first time the babies have been left alone, I had to work and Byron is gone for the weekend. I had Sherry, the dogs wonderful nanny come twice to make sure everything was OK. It was the first time she had seen the babies and she said Olivia had fun showing them off.

Look at that little penis. Isn't it adorable? Green boy is just a doll. You can place him in any position you want and he will just lay there.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orange boy and Orange girl!

Nothing too exciting this evening. I took this photo of Orange boy and Orange girl a few days ago. All the babies eyes are opening and they are really becoming little Weimaraners. They are starting to seek out people and come for kisses and cuddles. Candy and Turqoise boy will crawl from one side of the box to the other to get to me.

Stella is still just dying to get in the baby room and help take care of them. Olivia still won't let her though and I feel so bad for Stella. For those of you that don't know, Stella's nickname is Mama Dog. She was a wonderful Mom and when her daughter Nina had babies, Stella took care of them and even laid in the whelping box and nursed them! She just loves taking care of babies. I hope Olivia will let her in soon.

My friend Lani was over this evening. She has been a tremendous help with the babies. We were kissing them and playing with them and she came up with the name Mikey for Orange boy. I think this fits him great!

My Mom has been here since her surgery and was well enough to go to home today. Thanks again for everyones good thoughts sent her way.
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Babies nursing

This video was taken yesterday evening. Poor Olivia wanted to lay down but couldn't. It is getting harder for her to feed them all, especially at the same time. She is spending less time with them and now that their eyes are opening, I will put some toys and other things in the whelping box for them.

They are really getting around well and are up on all four feet. Red boy is doing very well using all four and Pink girl and Candy are doing great as well. Pretty soon we should see them starting to play.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Blue Eyes

Turquoise Boy
I was so surprised to see his little eyes when I got home from work tonight. He is still the littlest boy. All the babies eyes are thinking about opening and it should only be a few days until I have 20 little blue baby eyes looking at me.

Orange Girl
I noticed Orange girl thinking about opening her eyes yesterday. This morning they were open a little more and this is what they look like tonight.

Olivia is such a wonderful Mom. She loves to cuddle with her babies. Today was the first time she has been out of the house since the babies arrived. I left it up to her when she was ready to go with us for a walk. We went out for about 20 minutes and as soon as we got back, she was right back with the babies.

I am going to feel really bad for Olivia next week. It takes a lot to nurse that many babies!

Bio Sensor Program

No photo to post until tonight. Orange girl is the first to start opening her eyes, this morning I could see a tiny bit of blue. Green boy is thinking about opening his too. Can't wait to get home to see more of the peepers.

Here is a link to something called the Bio Sensor Program. It is a program I am doing with the puppies. It is to be done day 3-16. I did not do it one day. There was too much going on. I am trying very hard to not skip anymore days.

Hopefully I can post a photo or two this evening.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1 week photos

Mr. Green Boy

Candy Girl

Daphane-Pink Girl

Purple Girl

Orange Girl-Her eyes are opening!!!

Busy Bee Boy

Mr. Red Boy

Mr. Turquoise boy

Mr. Orange Boy

Mr. Blue Boy

Monday, July 26, 2010


Byron has named little pink girl Daphane! It is a good name for her!

First day back at work and I missed the babies a lot! I kept looking at their photos wishing I was at home with them. I couldn't wait to get home and kiss them all.

I have some week old photos to post within the next few days hopefully. I just wanted to get one quick photo out tonight. So far the only people that Olivia is really comfortable in the puppy room is myself, Byron and my good friend Lani. Lani knows Olivia very well and Olivia views her as part of the family. Olivia doesn't even want my Mom in the room. I am hoping she will settle down soon and we can have some visitors.

We weighed all the babies today, their week old b-day. Thanks so much Marcie for the use of your great scale.
From smallest to largest...

Purple Girl 1 lb. 8 3/4 oz.
Turquoise Boy 1 lb. 9 oz.
Green boy 1 lb. 11 5/8 oz.
Pink Girl 1 lb. 12 1/2 oz.
Blue Boy 1 lb. 12 7/8 oz.
Bzy Boy 1 lb. 13 oz.
Red Boy 1lb. 13 1/2 oz.
Orange Girl 1 lb. 14 oz.
Orange Boy 1lb. 14 oz.

CANDY GIRL 2 lbs. 2 1/2 oz.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Orange boy

Orange is the largest boy, he is right up there with Candy.
This is the last full day I get with the babies, back to work tomorrow!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010


I love this girl. She is very very special to me.
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Baby feet

The babies are all doing great! I go back to work on Monday but Byron will be here all next week with them. I wish I could just stay and play with them all the time.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Candy is a CHARACTER!

This baby is something else! Dramatic indeed! Candy gets mad when she wants her Mommy and Olivia isn't right there for her every need. Today she was going around the whole whelping box screaming for Mom. She is a doll! My friend Lani calls her a Monster. Click on the photo to see the larger photo and this girls big mouth!
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Vido-5 day old babies...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Puppy Breath

The babies are getting puppy breath today! I LOVE it! Nothing is better! They are all getting bigger and are all fiesty little things. When I watch Olivia nurse them all tonight, I know I am going to feel horrible for her in a few weeks when they are tearing her apart. One puppy was getting very angry and I could hear him getting quite upset. I found him sucking on poor Olivia's stomach. There wasn't even a nipple there! She is still be a wonderful Mother but is coming out of the puppy room more and even ate her breakfast downstairs this morning. She is a wonderful girl and getting to eat anything she wants including scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, ground beef, ground turkey, chicken liver, goats milk. She is going to be sad then the babies stop nursing.
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I am not sure who this little sweetie is, I try to get the collar in all the photos. I love the little tongue sticking out!
Today is going to be another very busy day. Two of the babies already need new collars. Can't believe they are already 4 days old! 6 more days until their little eyes open.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Candy Girl

This is Candy Girl, she is the largest baby and weighs 20 oz. today! She is the one with the most stripes and is just as sweet as can be. All the babies are doing great, they had to have tails and dew claws done today. I couldn't go because I was at the hospital all day with my Mom. My wonderful friend Lani and Byron took them.

Thanks for all the well wishes for my Mom. She had her surgery and is doing well.

I hope to get some more photos in the next few days. It is amazing how much they change daily!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Red Boy He is

Red Boy is a WILD one! He is already all over the whelping box.
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Babies are great

Just a quick photo of Busy Bee Boy! All the babies are doing great!

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Olivia is such a wonderful Mom...

I have just woken up from sleeping about 12 hours! I had never been so tired in my life! Olivia got a lot of good rest too and she looks a lot better then she did the other night.

After Olivia had her first three babies the other night, she continued to have hard contractions but no baby would come out. I started to get a bit worried as this has not happened to me before. We put everyone in the car and headed to the emergency vet. All the way there, I was just hoping that she wouldn't need a C-section. Once there, they were going to check her calcium level. There was a chance her calcium levels were low and if they were, she would just need some extra to give her a boost. Right before they came to take her blood, Olivia whelped a little girl. She wasn't breathing. I have read ways to help a baby that isn't breathing but I was so glad we were at the vet. They took her in the back and started to work on her for quite awhile. Sadly she didn't make it. She had been stuck in the birth canal for too long. It was very sad, she was a big, perfect baby.
After that incident, we were a little scared. The folks at the emergency clinic were great. They said we could leave and go home or we could stay there and whelp the rest of the puppies. In case something else went wrong, we were already there!
Since Olivia was comfortable there and doing well, we decided to stay at the vet. She whelped her last 7 babies without any complications.

Olivia is a wonderful Mother and so far she is very serious. Taking care of babies is very serious work! I have to force her outside to go potty and then she runs right back to the babies.

I have received a lot of emails about the babies and I hope to get back to everyone very soon. Please give me a few days though. My Mom is having surgery tomorrow and I will be very busy with that. After the surgery, she will come here for awhile. I will be busy but promise to get back to everyone soon.

More photos later...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Olivia and her 10 beautiful babies!!
6 Boys/4 Girls

Look at how striped these babies are! Weimaraners are born striped, but it will fade by the time they are about 3 days old. They look like little tigers, or cute, striped hippos!

Meet Candy-Girl (Pink/Green)

Mr. Green Boy - the one who would cooperate!

Meet Green-Boy (Green/Yellow)

Meet Purple-Girl (maybe a bit camera shy)

Meet Busy-Bee-Boy (Yellow/Black)

Meet Orange- Girl (Orange/Yellow)

Meet Red-Boy

Meet Orange-Boy (Orange/Navy)

Meet Turquoise-Boy

Meet Blue-Boy

Meet Pink-Girl