Eden Weimaraners presents Olivia & Horatio puppies

This blog will follow Olivia, CH Eden N Nimble's Maine Attraction JH, NSD, NRD, V through her pregancy and birth of her litter of puppies with Ch Eden's Horatio, Horatio or Mr. H. as he is also called. Please come back often for updates and lots of photos!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Byron has named little pink girl Daphane! It is a good name for her!

First day back at work and I missed the babies a lot! I kept looking at their photos wishing I was at home with them. I couldn't wait to get home and kiss them all.

I have some week old photos to post within the next few days hopefully. I just wanted to get one quick photo out tonight. So far the only people that Olivia is really comfortable in the puppy room is myself, Byron and my good friend Lani. Lani knows Olivia very well and Olivia views her as part of the family. Olivia doesn't even want my Mom in the room. I am hoping she will settle down soon and we can have some visitors.

We weighed all the babies today, their week old b-day. Thanks so much Marcie for the use of your great scale.
From smallest to largest...

Purple Girl 1 lb. 8 3/4 oz.
Turquoise Boy 1 lb. 9 oz.
Green boy 1 lb. 11 5/8 oz.
Pink Girl 1 lb. 12 1/2 oz.
Blue Boy 1 lb. 12 7/8 oz.
Bzy Boy 1 lb. 13 oz.
Red Boy 1lb. 13 1/2 oz.
Orange Girl 1 lb. 14 oz.
Orange Boy 1lb. 14 oz.

CANDY GIRL 2 lbs. 2 1/2 oz.

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  1. Wow!! Candy is definitely winning the race!!LOL! Glad you like the scale - I love it. I bet Lani that you'd probably buy one of your own after using mine!! :o) I hope work hasn't been too bad. I've been so busy and tired this week, this is the first time I've had a chance to check the blog since the post prior to this one! I can't believe I've been surviving without my daily puppy fix!! LOL!!