Eden Weimaraners presents Olivia & Horatio puppies

This blog will follow Olivia, CH Eden N Nimble's Maine Attraction JH, NSD, NRD, V through her pregancy and birth of her litter of puppies with Ch Eden's Horatio, Horatio or Mr. H. as he is also called. Please come back often for updates and lots of photos!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Candy is a CHARACTER!

This baby is something else! Dramatic indeed! Candy gets mad when she wants her Mommy and Olivia isn't right there for her every need. Today she was going around the whole whelping box screaming for Mom. She is a doll! My friend Lani calls her a Monster. Click on the photo to see the larger photo and this girls big mouth!
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  1. Haha!! That's hilarious! I was thinking purple was like Frieda because in previous photos she seemed to always be looking for a nipple(i.e. food!), but now Candy's antics are definitely reminding me of Miss Frieda!! Too funny!!

  2. She also has an "A" on her chest in white.... I think that stands for "A Monster" :) She's absolutely hilarious and SO cute. But, very, very busy she is doing laps around the whelping box, screaming the whole way.. it CRACKS ME UP!!! Definitely has an appetite like her (honorary) Aunt Frieda :) All the babies are so cute and it's fun that they are all developing their personalities so clearly already. What a wonderful litter!!