Eden Weimaraners presents Olivia & Horatio puppies

This blog will follow Olivia, CH Eden N Nimble's Maine Attraction JH, NSD, NRD, V through her pregancy and birth of her litter of puppies with Ch Eden's Horatio, Horatio or Mr. H. as he is also called. Please come back often for updates and lots of photos!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I got two tail wags today!

I have been thinking I should see some tail wagging shortly and my guess was right on who would be the first. It was Daphane! She wagged it a few times this morning while she was playing. Candy wagged her tail a few times this afternoon. It is so cute to see.

The babies are all doing well with their learning how to cuddle on the bed. I haven't felt too good all day and they have been taking turns laying in the bed with me. I REALLY hope I am not getting sick! Send me good thoughts! I can't be sick!

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